Dirt, stains, mildew, algae and environmental debris build up on a home, gradually dulling and fading the exterior.  This leaves the finish dull and tired-looking.  Cleaning the exterior discourages the growth of mold and mildew, both of which can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems as well as deterioration of the surfaces that they live on creating hefty repair bills.

Many homeowners consider power washing as the simple act of spraying (highly pressurized) water against their siding and compare it to a DIY project such as washing a car.  In most home exterior situations this is not the case.  More often, what is intended to be a small DIY job, turns into a day-long, weekend-long or uncompleted project requiring the timely and costly addition of supplies such as power washers, hoses, ladders, etc.  Even worse once this unintentionally costly and backbreaking work is over, the results simply will not compare to the work of a professional. Don’t spend your day off trying doing dirty and backbreaking labor.

Numerous techniques are required for properly cleaning home exteriors and/or preparing for painting.  There are many causes for the staining that occurs and not all power washing contractors practice the same methods of cleaning.  As with other trades, homeowners and consumers should be selective when choosing providers to avoid service issues that result from improper washing procedures and/or inexperience.




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Why soft washing is better?

Stay Clean Power Washing is much different from our competition. We are one of the few companies that use a specialized low pressure cleaning technique called soft washing and the only company with a specialized roof cleaning boom lift. A soft wash is the only method of cleaning that should be used on any type of siding and on any type of roof. Soft washing uses a cleaning solution and the power of a concentrated hose to remove all of the dirt, mildew, mold and algae along with some scrubbing in the more stained areas. Some companies use 3200 PSI and up to clean homes, but they can end up causing more damage than good. Yes your house may look clean, at least to what the eye can see, but behind the vinyl or wood is now saturated with water that was forced through the seams and vent holes. This water behind the vinyl can then create mold and algae growth where you cant see, causing you more money down the road in repairs and potentially unhealthy living conditions. AND EVEN WORSE, they didn’t even kill the mold, mildew or algae, they just blew what you could see off of the surface. If you don’t kill the mold, mildew and algae, it will start to grow again in less than a year. Our soft wash process penetrates through to the root systems and actually kills the growths.

Stay Clean Power Washing prides itself on customer satisfaction, attention to detail, and going above and beyond. If we come across something that needs Power washing/cleaning while we are cleaning, we will always take the extra time to do it

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About Stay Clean Power Washing

Stay Clean Power Washing is a company that wants to develop a highly successful and all around impeccable pressure washing, snow plowing, and roof washing business based out of the North Attleborough, MA area. We strive to provide high-quality residential pressure washing, house soft washing, commercial pressure washing, roof snow removal, commercial snow removal, and industrial pressure washing services to our community. We want to not only help your home or property be beautiful but be as squeaky clean as possible all year around.

Here at Stay Clean Power Washing, we believe in putting our customers’ needs first. Whether it is soft washing, roof soft wash, ice dam removal, or power washing that you need, we will make sure it is done properly the first time and in the shortest amount of time possible. We pride ourselves on making any project we work on look brand new.

Stay Clean Power Washing is a fully insured power washing, snow removal, and vinyl siding cleaning company that provides professional quality service all year long. If you would like to take advantage of our expertise, affordable prices, and superior customer service, then please don’t delay and call Stay Clean Power Washing today.



Jenna Blackwood

“Spencer was easy to communicate with and schedule the appointment, he provided a detailed estimate and reasonable price. We have an older house with wood shingles, but reassured with the soft wash they use we would not have any issues. The house and roof are now clean and free from any buildup – incident free! He followed up with a phone call to confirm the job was complete and any areas to highlight. Would use them again and recommend to others!”

Josh Wietecha

“Stay Clean Power Washing is excellent at what they do. I had them soft wash my roof in May of 2018. When the work was done, they explained that the soft wash is not going to damage the roof, where traditional power washing can. They also explained that their process uses safe chemicals to kill moss and other growth slowly, maintaining the integrity of your roof and decreasing the likelihood that these growths will return. When they explained it could take up to 6 months for full removal, I was a little skeptical. However, I now could not be more of a believer. I had a significant amount of moss on my roof and three months later it is almost completely gone!”

Donna Ahlquist

“I highly recommend this company for your power wash needs. I was very pleased not only with the results of the cleaning but very impressed with how Spencer carries out his business. He is extremely professional and courteous and prompt and answers questions thoroughly. I will be sure to recommend his company to anyone who needs these services. I was referred to him by another very happy customer of his.”