Is your home starting to put age before beauty? New England homes are known for their historic character, but dingy paint is not part of that charm. The good news? A fresh coat of paint is an affordable way to breathe new life into your beloved abode.

Our experienced residential painters are readily available to help you find the perfect color for your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and even exterior of your home. When you’ve found the perfect hue, our painters will quickly get to work on your home’s sleek new face lift.

Interior Painting

Fresh paint completely transforms a space. On the interior of a home paint can bring a new spark to a master bedroom, provide creativity in a new kitchen, or a bright perspective to a pre-teen’s room. Fresh paint can make a home out of a house, but it takes time and precision to get it right.

There are 4 steps to the painting process that many companies overlook, please review and see how we do it right!

Step 1: Preparation- Before starting your interior painting project, we carefully cover all furniture and flooring in the room that is being worked on for protection. We also sand and fill any exposed holes or imperfections to guarantee a smooth finish and clean debris from walls to ensure proper paint adhesion.

Step 2: Priming- Many surfaces require primer prior to painting, and picking the proper primer is crucial in the painting process. For example, tile surfaces require specific primer to create proper adhesion of paint while other primers are used to hold back tannins or seal knots in wood.

Steps 3: Caulking- Over time, areas where walls and trim meet can separate leaving unsightly gapping. To truly restore the look of a home, caulking is essential to mend these gaps. Our teams assess each room being services, and take the time to caulk necessary areas for a seamless finish.

Step 4: Painting- Once all of the preparation work is complete our teams begin the paining process. Our staff is trained on the best painting practices for all surface applications, and prides themselves on their attention to detail.

Exterior Painting

Exterior paint does more than just enhance curbside appeal; it also helps maintain the integrity of the surfaces it covers. The elements of New England weather can challenge home’s structures, but paint is a key player on defense.

There are 3 steps to the painting process that many companies overlook.

Step 1: Preparation – Having a clean surface is key for any lasting paint application, and our teams specialize in exterior cleaning! When painting, we use a combination of both low pressure “soft washing” and high pressure “power washing”, as each of these systems serve a necessary purpose. Soft washing removes surface level contaminants while preventing any damage from occurring to siding, windows, screens etc.; Power washing removes loose, chipping paint from homes to prevent peeling of the new paint application.

Step 2: Scraping and Priming – Although power washing removes most chipping paint, our staff hand scrapes any left-over areas, and seals the exterior with primer for the best application results.

Step 3: Painting – Once all of the preparation work is complete our teams begin the paining process. Our staff is trained on the best painting practices for all surface applications including spraying, rolling, back brushing and brushing.

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About Stay Clean Power Washing

Stay Clean Power Washing is a company that wants to develop a highly successful and all around impeccable pressure washing, snow plowing, and roof washing business based out of the North Attleborough, MA area. We strive to provide high-quality residential pressure washing, house soft washing, commercial pressure washing, roof snow removal, commercial snow removal, and industrial pressure washing services to our community. We want to not only help your home or property be beautiful but be as squeaky clean as possible all year around.

Here at Stay Clean Power Washing, we believe in putting our customers’ needs first. Whether it is soft washing, roof soft wash, ice dam removal, or power washing that you need, we will make sure it is done properly the first time and in the shortest amount of time possible. We pride ourselves on making any project we work on look brand new.

Stay Clean Power Washing is a fully insured power washing, snow removal, and vinyl siding cleaning company that provides professional quality service all year long. If you would like to take advantage of our expertise, affordable prices, and superior customer service, then please don’t delay and call Stay Clean Power Washing today.



Jenna Blackwood

“Spencer was easy to communicate with and schedule the appointment, he provided a detailed estimate and reasonable price. We have an older house with wood shingles, but reassured with the soft wash they use we would not have any issues. The house and roof are now clean and free from any buildup – incident free! He followed up with a phone call to confirm the job was complete and any areas to highlight. Would use them again and recommend to others!”

Josh Wietecha

“Stay Clean Power Washing is excellent at what they do. I had them soft wash my roof in May of 2018. When the work was done, they explained that the soft wash is not going to damage the roof, where traditional power washing can. They also explained that their process uses safe chemicals to kill moss and other growth slowly, maintaining the integrity of your roof and decreasing the likelihood that these growths will return. When they explained it could take up to 6 months for full removal, I was a little skeptical. However, I now could not be more of a believer. I had a significant amount of moss on my roof and three months later it is almost completely gone!”

Donna Ahlquist

“I highly recommend this company for your power wash needs. I was very pleased not only with the results of the cleaning but very impressed with how Spencer carries out his business. He is extremely professional and courteous and prompt and answers questions thoroughly. I will be sure to recommend his company to anyone who needs these services. I was referred to him by another very happy customer of his.”